Culture whithout borders

The project will involve people with different backgrounds, belonging to various nationality, ethnicity in a cultural cooperation and dialogue through the adaptation and implementation of the Self Portrait and Minorities with Camera programmes, thus enhancing the dialogue between nations, and between nationalities, as well as creating cross border co-operations.

It will encourage minorities to protect their traditions, cultural and artistic values, giving (marginalized) ethnic groups a toolbox of methods of artistic self-expression and self-presentation, thus fighting prejudices and stereotypes. 

It will strengthen cultural cooperation, by organizing a joint gastronomic festival and a handicraft fair. The joint gastronomic festival will have two main sections. The first one focuses on the beauty of diversity: each nationality, ethnicity will prepare the "flag-ship" plate of its cuisine. In the second section, we will underline the existence of common things and practices: participants will prepare a plate, which is made in the whole border-region, probably stew, and then they will share the food among them. 

The creation of two indoor exhibitions, and several mobile exhibitions based on the results of the above mentioned workshops (photos of the communities made by community members, artistic self portraits of minority artists using different artistic tools), will provide mutual cognition, recognition and understanding, fight prejudices, enhance cultural interactions and help the social and educational integration of minorities and ethnicities.

Through cultural and community programmes organized by SVI and AGORA, we plan to implement actions in a sustainable way. By achieving the specific objectives we facilitate the promotion of cultural and artistic dialogue, ensuring equal opportunities, besides the strengthening of Hungarian-Serbian bilingualism in the eligible area.


Coordinator: Agora foundation for social research, Hungary


Partner: Svi, Serbia